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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Which female celebs are fashion role models?

Oricon once again made a survey to find out which female celebrity, girls in their teens and young women in their twenties see as their fashion role model these days. 

It’s the fourth time they did this annual survey and to not much surprise, actress Miyazaki Aoi once again managed to take the number one spot. 

Miyazaki is undoubtedly everyone’s favorite “mori girl” (forest girl), promoting an overall natural look and fashion like no other, adorning the covers of several fashion magazines every year. Another huge factor of her widespread popularity and acceptance as a fashion girl are her adorable commercials for apparel brand “earth music&ecology“. 

Many girls who voted for her made comments similar to this one: “She is so beautiful and able to look pretty even when wearing the simplest of clothes. It’s not just Miyazaki’s appearance I’d like to copy, it’s also her way of life.” 

Check out the complete top 10 below! 

Who is your fashion role model? 

01 – Miyazaki Aoi

02 – Sasaki Nozomi

03 – Karina

04 – Kiritani Mirei

05 – aiko

06 – Nishino Kana

07 – Tanaka Miho

08 – Amuro Namie

09 – Usuda Asami

10 – Kimura Kaela

Source: Oricon + tokyohive

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