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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Morning Musume’s & Buono!’s New Single as Theme Song For Drama “Suugaku♥Joushi-gakuen”

The drama featuring Sayu and Reina titled, ”Suugaku♥Joushi-gakuen” will be using PyokoPyoko Ultra and Hatsukoi Cider as the drama’s opening and ending theme.

From the announcement Morning Musume’s song will be used as the opening and Buono’s song will be used as the ending theme.

I really like that this drama incorporates so much of H!P. There will be a lot of cameos from various H!P members and now they’ve included these songs as the themes. I really like that they’re doing all this promotion and with that said I think 2012 will be great for H!P.

The official drama air date hasn’t been announced but some fans say it will begin 1/11. Hopefully everyone can tune in for that!

source from sayunii

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