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Monday, February 28, 2011

Morning Musume Will Be On Melodix

Morning Musume is scheduled to appear on Melodix near the end of March.

It’s great to see that promotion for their 45th single is already being planned since this single will most likely be among the most watched of the year by fans, and even though it’s only one show so far it’s at least a great way to begin promotion for this unique and amazing single.

Since the song has somewhat of a younger and more upbeat sound it will be interesting to see how the song is received, although I’m looking forward more to finding out how the 9th generation does in their first appearance (and most likely “performance”) on TV.

Their appearance will be 3 days after their single is released, so it should help in promotion so that the single sells well throughout the week, but hopefully we get to see them in even more shows so that they can promote both the single and the new members well.

Morning Musume will appear on 3/26.

source from sayunii

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