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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Morning Musume Has A New Photo On The H!P Website

Morning Musume has updated their profile page on the H!P website with a group picture.

I really like this picture since it shows the 9th gen in a cute and happy pose. Except for Ikuta Erina who looks a bit caught off guard with the camera but she still looks cute.

I like that they organized the members by generation, Ai and Gaki close to each other,  Sayu and Reina are together and since Mitsui is the last member of the 8th gen she is in the middle since it balances the photo.

I also like this picture because it features Morning Musume with the new members in their new outfits. Most pictures of Morning Musume and the new members are from the winter H!P concert so I’m glad that we’re getting something new.

The only point I don’t like in this picture is Sayu’s arm. I’m sure she’s healthy and doing well but just the lighting, angle and maybe even the editing of the picture has distorted her arm.

Regardless of that it’s something small.

source from sayunii 

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