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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Kikkawa Yuu – “Kikkake wa YOU!” Covers Released

Top: Regular, Limited A
Bottom: Limited B, Limited C

The covers for Kikkawa Yuu’s 1st single title Kikkake wa YOU! have been released.

All of the covers have a very similar theme since they feauture Kikka in the same outfit, setting and poses, but even though it is the case, her beauty and unique smile really set each cover apart from the others.

The Regular Edition cover is very joyful and cute since we see Kikka smiling from all of her heart with her hair on her face blown by the wind, and the contrast of the white background and her hair really make her stand out.

The Limited A Edition cover feautures Kikka that seems lying down on a table from the same color of the background, reaching out one hand and holding the other on her head doing a pose similar to the one we got to see in the PV Preview.

The Limited B Edition cover feautures Kikka on the same white table in a more classic pose while holding her head with one hand, and the effect of the wind that lets us see her earrings really makes it a beautiful cover.

The Limited C Edition is similar to the Regular Edition since Kikka is smiling widely, twisting her head a bit in a very cute pose while both of her hands are before the camera.

Overall, even though the theme is very similar in all of the covers, they are still really amazing. Although I’d like to note that the title is never mentionned on any of these covers which is kind of weird since we only see a picture with no title-art.

The release date is set for 3/30.

source from sayunii

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