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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Oricon releases their “Burning Calories Song” ranking

Oricon has recently released a ranking for songs that are the best at making you skinny.

The results are based on how many calories you can burn through singing the song. They say that both powerful ballads and up tempo songs are great for burning calories. You can burn the most calories by singing with a loud voice as well as singing from your diaphragm.

Below are the top “skinny songs” as well as the amount of calories you can burn!

10. HY – “NAO” (17.1 calories)

9. Fujitani Miwako & Oouchi Yoshiaki – “Ai ga Umareta Hi” (17.2 calories)

8. Nishino Kana – “Dear…” (17.2 calories)

7. DREAMS COME TRUE – “Mirai Yosouzu II” (17.5 calories)

6. Nishino Kana – “Best Friend” (17.7 calories)

5. Kobukuro – “Tsubomi” (18 calories)

4. Kobukuro – “Sakura” (18.7 calories)

3. Shonan no Kaze – “Junrenka” (19.5 calories)

2. Kobukuro – “Akai Ito” (19.7 calories)

1. Shonan no Kaze – “Suirenka” (21.3 calories)

Source: Oricon + tokyohive

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